"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

This old saying accurately sums up the value we place on ensembles here at Vibe. Our music academy offers students the opportunity to be a part of performance groups with other students with similar musical interests and abilities. When students participate in ensembles, they learn what it takes to set a goal and achieve it as a group, they develop communication skills both verbally and musically, they discover how to fulfill the different roles of a soloist and an accompanist, and most of all they gain invaluable experience contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Ensemble Details

Learn the ins-and-outs of what our ensemble program looks like, and see what's right for you.

  • Students sign up for 3-month seasons:
    • Fall Season: September-November
    • Winter Season: December-February
    • Spring Season: March-May
    • Summer Season: June-August
  • Rehearsal Frequency: Eight rehearsals per season, culminating in a performance at a Recital Soiree.
  • Rehearsal Duration: 60 minute rehearsals directed by one of our skilled instructors.
  • Rehearsal Scheduling: We know that you've got a busy schedule, which is why we base our rehearsal times around your availability. Once you're placed in an ensemble, your instructor will schedule 8 rehearsals per season at dates and times that work with as many of the ensemble members as possible.
  • Rehearsal Location: Premier Music Studios (86th and College, Indianapolis) hosts the majority of our ensemble rehearsals, and some of our instructors host rehearsals in their home studios as well.
  • Instruments: All instruments are welcome to join!
  • Genres: Let us know what kind of music you'd like to play, and we'll fit you with the best ensemble for your interests! Some common genres include: Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Bluegrass.
  • Ensemble sizes: 3 to 8 students in each ensemble
  • Performances: Each season ends with an ensemble performance in a Recital Soiree, offering students valuable stage experiences and opportunities to demonstrate their musical progress.
  • Cost: $225 membership fee per 3-month season
    • This is a flat-rate membership fee that is not based on rehearsal or performance attendance. Scheduling is very accommodating though, and we'll do our best to make sure you can attend as many rehearsals as possible!
    • Students may also be required to purchase their own music, which usually won't cost more than $10-15.
  • Placement process: Fill out the interest form below, and we'll contact you to place you in the best-fitting ensemble.