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Spring Recital Soiree.

When: Thursday, April 13th. Performances at 5:30p, 6:30p, and 7:30p. (Student placements to be announced a couple weeks beforehand. See note below.)

Who's invited: All Vibe Music Academy students who are ready to perform (talk to your instructor for their opinion) and their families, plus any friends you wish to bring.

Where: Glendale Seventh-day Adventist Church. 2900 E 62nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

About Vibe Recital Soirees: Student recitals should reflect the excitement and celebration deserved of the hard working and talented students being showcased. That's why we've made some adjustments to the typical flow of recitals. Here's what our Recital Soirees are like:

  • Food and drink receptions as a part of a community celebration of the accomplishments of the students.
  • Musical programs that feature a varying combination of classical, contemporary, and original music.
  • Time-sensitive performance segments that usually won't last more than an hour.
  • Performances featuring individual lesson and group ensemble students.
  • Well thought out performance orders so that students will always perform amidst others of similar ability levels.
  • Free admission for all!

IMPORTANT NOTE! A couple weeks before this Recital Soiree, there will be an announcement of the program orders for each of the three recitals (5:30, 6:30, or 7:30), so if your student has a conflict wth one or more of those times, please let us know by informing your instructor ASAP!