It's a simple idea.

The best way to learn music is to enjoy it. And the only way to enjoy music is to experience it.

That simple idea is the basis of how we teach music at Vibe. We have developed a hands-on approach to teaching music that meets students where they are musically, helps them identify with what they play, and provides an experience-rich environment for them to achieve their goals. Our approach organically progresses through three important steps:

Play, Connect, Grow.


In order to reach your potential as a musician, you have to love playing music. That's why we have you play your instrument from your first day at Vibe. Both our lesson and ensemble curriculums center around helping students become great performers. And the frequent Recital Soirees at Vibe give our students goals to work towards as well as provide priceless experiences on stage.



Learning "the classics" is important for a growing musician, but at Vibe we also know that it is more important for a new student to connect with the music they play. That's why we focus first on helping students relate music to their lives. We do this by helping them write original compositions, encouraging them to listen to and play music that interests them, and giving them the chance to get connected with fellow music-pursuing peers at our Community Events. All this aids in the process of finding their musical identity, helping them to view themselves not just as students, but as musicians.



Once our students have a solid foundation of playing and connecting with the music they play, we then guide them in increasing their knowledge of music and ability on their instrument. It's at this point that students grow as musicians by expanding their repertoire, developing their knowledge of music theory and history, and continuing to gain a broad range of musical experiences.