Chicago Cubs Videos Are the Perfect Example of the Power of Music.

On Wednesday, sports history was made. If you live in America, there's no possible way that you haven't heard that the longest losing streak in all of American sports history finally toppled like the giant that it was; the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Being a fourth-generation Cubs fanatic, it was without question the greatest and most important sporting event of my entire life.

As I write this the morning after the game, I'm truthfully having a hard time getting any work done at all, because all that I want to do is watch highlight reels and hype videos and listen to "Go Cubs Go." Now that I'm pretty sure that I've scoured every Cubs video and song available on the internet, I'm continually reminded of the reason that I chose the career path that I did: Music is Powerful. Here's some examples of that just from the Cubs' postseason march to the history books...

Music is unifying.

Since 1984, Steve Goodman's local Chicago hit, "Go! Cubs! Go!" has been the soundtrack following every Cubs victory, unifying fans all over the world with its catchy chorus.

Music energizes us.

Every time a player comes up to bat, a "walkup song" plays over the PA at the ballpark for them. These songs are meant to energize and excite the players and the fans for what's to come at the at bat. Here's first-baseman, Anthony Rizzo's classic walkup song.

Music affects the way a moment impacts you.

Do this little test for me. Watch this World Series hype video starting from 0:17 to 2:05 with the sound muted...

It's definitely cool and impacting to see with our eyes the emotional display of the players and the fans, right? Ok, now watch the same segment of the video again with the sound turned on...

I don't know about you, but the emotional impact that the music in the background has on me is quite profound. Maybe it's because I'm a Cubs fan, but I can't manage to watch the video with that music even once without getting chills.

Music can take you back in time.

This video of the famous Harry Caray expressing hope in the future after the Cubs lost in the 1984 playoffs surfaced and went viral during this year's playoff race. In the background, you can hear the Wrigley Field organist playing for those who were still at the ballpark. When I saw this video a few weeks ago and heard that organ behind Harry's voice, I was taken back to every game at Wrigley that I ever went to. All of a sudden, I was ten years old again.

Music is powerful. It can evoke every kind of emotion, amplify the impact of what we see and hear in a moment, and cause a degree nostalgia that it is uniquely capable of causing. Is your student benefitting from the amazing gift of music? They need to be! Sign up for a free music lesson, and let music positively impact your student's life.

- John Gotsis, Owner and Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy, Hamilton County, Indiana