10 Essential Fitness Exercises for Musicians.

These days it seems like just about every bit of advice that we get from friends, media, Facebook ads, podcasts, etc., tells us that we need to see the value in something more than we already do. We are constantly being bombarded with healthy eating suggestions, time efficiency advice, technological necessities, and fitness imperatives. It's nearly impossible to sift through all the garbage to find the real answers.

But within those white noise clouds of advice and trends, there are plenty of bits of wisdom that need to be heard...

Physical fitness and musicality don't necessarily always go hand in hand in our minds, but they should! Music performance is a physical activity. I believe when you or your young student are progressing into the best musicians you can be, a healthy focus on physical fitness truly cannot be stressed enough. I personally can speak to the necessity of being physically fit.

I am primarily a drum set player, and I remember noticing a decent amount of lower back pain after a season of lots of practicing and not a lot of exercising. So, I started a simple workout routine, focusing on my posture and core strength, and over time, the tension in my lower back from playing the drums diminished to the point of non-existence.

There is a fantastic infographic, created by our friends at TakeLessons, that highlights 10 of the best fitness exercises and stretches for musicians. Check it out and take some notes...

These practices are especially helpful for those growing musicians who are specifically trying to hone their musical craft with high physical command and health. I personally have found that exercises 2 and 3 (Core Strengthening and Posture Work) were especially helpful to me as I was developing my physical technique on my instrument.

So, give these fitness exercises a shot with your music student! You'll experience the health benefit, and you'll notice an increase in your student's ability to perform well on their instrument as they become more physically disciplined. And we can't overlook a major component in becoming a great musician: a great music teacher who will expertly guide your student every step of the way. Sign up for a free lesson with one of the pros at Vibe Music Academy to experience the high-quality education that we offer.

- John Gotsis, Owner and Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy, Hamilton County, Indiana