3 Reasons to Have a Piano in Your Home

I’ve seen so many do it this way - people become interested in learning the piano, then they go to a music studio or instructor’s home to learn it there. Or, even farther down the spectrum, they try to learn how to play via an app on a phone. Although we ought to celebrate the music-making happening here still, the benefits of having a piano inside your own home far outweigh any other conveniences or frugality in general.

1. People don’t get good at something without practicing it.

This reason is the obvious one - unfortunately we can’t just decide that we’d like to play an instrument and then suddenly be able to play it proficiently. If this was the case, our business would most likely not be around for much longer! To improve at a skill we must practice it, and having a piano close by at all times is BY FAR the greatest motivator to practice.

2. Hearing the same kinds of sounds when you practice is essential.

Although some are similarly made, all pianos sound and feel different. Therefore, if you were to develop a part of a song/piece of music on one piano, a different section that you prepared might sound different on another piano, thus causing inconsistencies. By having a central piano to base all of your practice and your work, your playing will certainly become more streamlined.

3. Instruments are easy to sell and usually retain their value.

If you go shopping online or in person for a piano, you will quickly realize that there are a TON of options available for purchase. There are beginner, intermediate, and professional models, as well as the slew of acoustic pianos available for tens of thousands of dollars. No matter which one you decide to invest in, if after a certain amount of time (although we hope not!) you decide to sell out of disinterest, the piano will still possess great value. People are always looking for used instruments!

During this purchase process, we would be delighted to come alongside you and assist throughout the search. At Vibe Music Academy, we have several trained and professional pianists that would be more than happy to point you in a direction most appropriate for your playing style and ability. Please feel free to reach out at any time!

- Tyler Long, Administrative Assistant/Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.