April Student Spotlight: Evan K.

Congratulations to Evan K., who has earned Vibe's "Student Spotlight" this month!

Evan is a saxophone student of Tyler Long. Here's what Tyler had to say about Evan:

Although only having played the saxophone for about four months, Evan is making progress at an incredibly fast pace. He is devoted in practice, excited about his instrument, and because of this is well beyond the average student. He is working through a method book for saxophone written for concert bands in school contexts, but Evan is willing to work on his own to develop his tone, embouchure and breath support. Because of this hard work, he is months ahead of what typical saxophone players would achieve by only participating in a group at school. Vibe Music Academy and I are extremely proud to have Evan as a student!

Our student spotlights recognize our students who are exceptionally demonstrating growth and alignment with our purpose. We are so grateful to be associated with these fantastic students.

Congratulations, Evan!


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