Music: The Real Love Language

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, this is the time of year many people begin to plan how to “wow” their significant other. Our pop culture in America has helped to shape this attitude towards the “love holiday”, by creating productions that contain music as an integral part of this interaction between two people. But did you know there’s actually science backing this claim that music and relational connection go hand-in-hand? Although not all of us are pros at the art of serenading, we can at least appreciate music as a true “love language.”


As discussed in a recently published post, it is clear that music is indeed a language, even universal to a certain degree. We use music to communicate with each other, no matter how direct it is. By singing/playing an instrument to someone, the intimacy of the moment increases as the two engage in an alternate language, or one that scientifically alters the state of the brain (read on…).


On average, we speak about 16,000 words every day. However, while words certainly serve as opportunities for the recipient to listen and process them, but often they don’t cause the other to be fully on “the same page” as the communicator.

Research shows that music does quite the opposite. All of a sudden, when communicating with music as a medium, the two individuals have additional artistic elements to “tune in” to, including pitch, rhythm, harmonic backdrop, dynamics, and expression. By allowing our ears and brains a chance to focus closer on additional stimuli, Jessica Hamzelou says that brains begin to “fire symmetrically” (read more here). It is a fascinating phenomenon!

By participating in music with each other, we are undoubtedly able to communicate closer, and often more intimately! Luckily, at Vibe Music Academy we are ready to help you achieve any musical goals you have this Valentine’s Day season… You’re welcome. =) Call us for a free lesson (317-863-0336), or check out the rest of our website here. Our instructors are ready to help prepare you for anything musical you are ready to learn.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

- Tyler Long, Administrative Assistant/Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.