Unique educational experiences.

Far too often, music eduction businesses operate too much like a chiropractor's office; you show up for your scheduled "appointment" and then leave, and that's the full extent of your engagement with the business. But since music is a communal activity, we think your experience at Vibe should be communal also! That's why several times a year, our students and their families are invited to be a part of our Vibe Community Events.

These events are exclusive to Vibe community members (students, families, and friends) and are excellent opportunities for students to join their peers in rich, community-developing experiences. Community event activities may include music performances put on by our instructors or other professional musicians, group outings to local concerts, masterclasses taught by esteemed musicians, and more! Such events serve as Vibe culture builders and invaluable learning opportunities for our aspiring musicians. They're just one of the many perks involved in becoming involved in our "educational community of musicians making musicians."