The Vision: Why We Believe in Music Education

The requirements that we are placing on students in the academic realm is seemingly increasing every day. Often times they are brought to a point of terrible stress because of the rigor given to them at school. Some have excellent opportunities for creative output, but some do not have those same advantages. However, an education in music and the arts absolutely can provide that without question! Countless studies have shown the importance of creativity within the development of a child, and we at Vibe are committed to supplying that very element.

The value that we hold for music overflows through our approach, resulting in the process that we call "musician making."

The Approach

Our approach is very simple – the best way to learn music is to enjoy it and appreciate it. With this understanding, we want our students to experience music, not just play it. Our expert faculty are pros who simply love music, which is why they ultimately decided to teach. They are passionate about passing that love to the students they interact with so that their students' lives will be changed forever through the arts.

The Result

Through the actions of playing, connecting, and growing, students will be able to make music their own. There is something special about having ownership of something, especially at a younger age. The crafting and demonstrating of a skill is something students can take pride in. Music instruction in a private setting is key to this development – which is why the foundation of our community is our private lessons. In lessons, students also have the chance to operate in an experiential environment alongside a caring teacher; one who can build up, encourage, and empower the student to do his or her very best.

Ask any current student what kind of personal gain they’ve experienced from receiving music education – and you can count on them to reference life-giving qualities they’ve added to their character as a result. And there’s nothing else to thank but music itself – being the wonderful gift to the world that it is. Why not participate in such a special thing? We’re excited about bringing it to as many people as possible. Will you join us in that vision?

- Tyler Long, Administrative Assistant/Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.