3 Tips to Encourage Musical Interest in Your Youngster

Though I’m not a parent myself, I certainly have observed that many parents feel partially responsible for what interests their children will possess as they get older. Of course interests will ebb and flow between things as time goes on, but I believe they have some validity to this hypothesis. There is rarely ever a need to “force” an activity/interest on a child, but there are certainly great and healthy ways to encourage it. These are a collection of ideas about how we might encourage you to best bring out your child’s unique gifts and talents as they pertain to music...

Allow Exploration

If nothing else, this one is a certainty: allow opportunities for your child to explore music. This can happen through a plethora of different ways: listening, touching/feeling, watching, and of course singing/playing. Purchase play instruments that allow them to do this with ease and comfort and without fear of injuring themselves or the instrument. Spend time with them while they interact with the implement and encourage their every move. Show them early that this is worth their time!

Keep the Instrument Out

In efforts to tidy up a room, many parents elect to store instruments away from the hands of children. We are not encouraging messy rooms here; simply reinforcing the importance of at least one instrument accessible at any time, should the child have a desire to spontaneously be creative.

Group Experiences

Many local community centers offer group lessons (sometimes even free!) for young children. This is an enormously beneficial experience for a child (and scientifically backed) because of the social aspect that is roped in. Suddenly, the association has been made in the child’s mind that other children do this, too! They tend to enjoy that social interaction and find it more encouraging to make music on any level more often.

The core of our approach to music education at Vibe Music Academy includes the belief that all children should receive opportunities to experience music. Our blog includes a lot of information about the benefits of music on the brain, in school, and for productivity, but these habits can begin very early if children are encouraged. Doesn’t that sound fun?! Have questions, or want some suggestions for your specific child? Feel free to ask! We’re happy to help.

- Tyler Long, Administrative Assistant/Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.