Music: The TRUE Co-Curricular Subject

Students hear this all the time: “Make sure you fill your schedule with enough honors/AP/IB/advanced (you name it) classes to be successful!” They’re constantly bombarded with the idea that some sort of academic "status” or numeric figure like a GPA will set the rest of their lives up for success. Although in some rare circumstances this may be true, for most students what they really need is an opportunity to grow and develop as an entire person. Music has a unique way of doing this, and we have tons of evidence to back up that statement (also check out our former related article here).

This week, we would like to feature the below video on what music (and specifically, playing an instrument) can do for a person. Trust us, this video is WELL worth your time…

At the 3:51 mark in the video, the narrator explains a very neat finding:

…the artistic and aesthetic aspects of learning to play a musical instrument are different from any other activity studied, including other arts. And several randomized studies of participants, who showed the same levels of cognitive function and neural processing at the start found that those who were exposed to a period of music learning showed enhancement in multiple brain areas, compared to the others.

Did you get that? Music enhances the brain in ways that literally nothing else does! Kind of sheds a new light on its importance, doesn’t it? We need a generation of students that “buys in” to the idea that their success as an individual and citizen can be assisted incredibly by the power of music. We certainly believe!

- Tyler Long, Administrative Assistant/Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.