July Student Spotlight: Jake W.

Congratulations to Jake W., who has earned Vibe's "Student Spotlight" this month!

Jake is a drum student of John Gotsis, guitar student of Charlie Ballantine, and piano student of Andy Greenwell. Here's what John had to say about Jake:

It’s hard to think of anyone that better exemplifies an ideal music student than Jake. I’ve been teaching him the drums since he was in first grade (and I wasn’t even his first teacher!). Since then he has also added piano, guitar, voice, production, and composition - and it’s very possible that I’m missing something. From the very beginning, he has always trusted and given a huge effort towards the guidance and direction of his teachers. I could list off all of the musical accomplishments he’s had in the last year alone, but the list would go on and on. Jake lives out his commitment to becoming the best that he can every day, and it’s shown - he truly is a musician.

Our student spotlights recognize our students who are exceptionally demonstrating growth and alignment with our purpose. We are so grateful to be associated with these fantastic students.

Congratulations, Jake!


Vibe’s Purpose

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