Private Instruction Builds Classroom Leaders

Speaking from experience, I wish I would've taken private lessons throughout middle and high school (even earlier if I had had the opportunity). While I was eager, passionate, and dedicated in my involvement in choir and band, I had to push myself especially hard to achieve certain musical skills that otherwise would've been much easier to gain had I taken private lessons early on.

School ensembles

As a recent Music Education graduate from Anderson University, I have learned firsthand through teaching and outside observations about how impactful private lessons can be. Especially as a beginner in band, choir, or orchestra, enrolling in private lessons can give students a head start and the motivation to continually improve. 

In band/choir/orchestra settings in any school, the ability to learn and develop very specific skills is often lost due to the sheer numbers that are in these groups. To put it simply, there is very little time to give much individual attention to students in these group settings - which is where private lessons come in.

The addition of private instruction

What private lessons do that group instruction otherwise cannot provide are meaningful, specific, and inspiring one-on-one guidance for students of all ages and backgrounds. For example, if a student was passionate about jazz (like myself) but didn't have any guidance in which to develop jazz skills, he/she could easily be discouraged. Private lessons provide an atmosphere that is geared solely towards meeting the specific needs and desires of each student. 

While large group musical settings in schools can be incredibly important experiences for students, private lessons can provide students with the tools to become even more inspired and dedicated in their musical journey. Beyond certain music fundamentals such as dynamics, articulations, and tempo, private lessons take the student beyond the surface and dig deeper into understanding the beauty and joy that is within music.. 

Large group musical settings have great merit and potential for all students. With that being said, private lessons can give students an advantage and the confidence to be leaders in their band/choir/orchestra. From either perspective, student or instructor, private lessons can provide truly meaningful and lasting relationships that will help our musical communities thrive wherever we may end up in the world.

At Vibe Music Academy, we don’t advertise and advocate for private lessons as just some money-making business scheme. We truly believe in the power and value of one-on-one instruction not only for the benefit of students in a classroom, but also for the development of excellent musicians in a world that needs them.

- Ethan Stutz, Music Instructor at Vibe Music Academy.